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Crystal Sky Power 2020 Spring Festival Holiday Notice!

Farewell to 2019, Guangdong Jingtian New Energy Power Co., Ltd. has ushered in 2020 full of hope, opportunities and challenges! Here, I would like to thank everyone for their support and love for Crystal Sky in the past year, and look forward to the new year. Everyone can continue to pay attention to and support Crystal Sky. We will not forget our original intentions, and move forward to provide you with more Good photovoltaic power generation service!

On the occasion of the Spring Festival,

Combining company orders and production and shipping conditions,

Jingtian Power makes the following holiday arrangements:

Holiday time: January 20-February 1, a total of 13 days

February 2 (June 9) officially went to work

All employees of Jingtian Power wish everyone an early age.

Congratulations to the people and new and old customers from all walks of life:

happy New Year!

Year of the Rat!

All the best!

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